Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hollywood is Like High School with Money

I know, most of the reviews I (Melissa) do are quite superficial, chick lit books. So why change that now? LoL

Hollywood is like High School with Money, is written by Zoey Dean. Dean is mostly known for The A-list series. I used to be quite obsessed with this series, but then it got a little too back and forth for me. Like the same couple dated 10 times just to break up 10 times and date other people. That's kind of why I got sick of Gossip Girl also.

This book is written for the older set, and I think is perfect for a college grad. This story follows 24 year old Taylor Henning. Taylor dreams of being behind the camera and create amazing thought provoking, un-blockbuster types of movies. She lands a job as a 2nd assistant to a Hollywood big-wig at the fake Metronome Studios.

While Taylor is quite like-able as a brand new city girl who has to adjust from her CT school to life in LA, it is the high school she enlists to help her that steals the book for me. There's not many times I like the bitch in a book, but I love this bitch lol.

This is a super quick read, perfect for any upcoming trips to the beach or laying out by the pool. It's thoughtless, fun, girly reading.


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  1. hehe this sounds like something i would so wanna read! i might take it for my beach time in june ;)