Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Helen Fielding

So I sort of got these books on a whim. I remember seeing previews for this movie and to be 100% honest I’m not the biggest fan of British humor. But I though what the hey
So this review is going to be on BOTH of the books. Right off the back 3 stars (and I feel generous) Bridget Jones sounds like a typical girl in some ways…never happy with her looks, has great friends and family who also are crazy. She falls in lust and in love. She goes through heartbreak and good times. BUT it sort of lagged on…like blah blah blah just get to the point already! I would NOT recommend these books. It was a waste for me; I already took them off my bookshelf and might mosey on to Half Price books to donate. I rarely and I mean RARELY say this, but Bridget Jone’s Diary the FILM was better than the novel! Now Bridget Jones; the Edge of Reason well some parts of that book were better but it was all just kind of loopy and extra out of the ordinary. So short review I would say skip these two! Has anybody else read these? Suggestions? Comments? <3

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