Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Messenger by Mayra Montero

Well let me say it right away:
I HATE THIS BOOK! Gah OMG like really? Really lady?! This was your best? *vomit*
This is a Spanish book translated into English, I have NO idea if that has anything to do with it.
Okay, it takes place in Havana Cuba in the 1920's so it has all this like witch craft "curandero" type of stuff and this half Cuban half Chinese chick who's godfather can like read the air and it will tell him whats going to happen in the future blah blah blah she hooks up with this married dude they have a kid his wife kills herself then he and their kid die she cries a little moves on meets this Italian guy he goes with her blah blah she remind him of some chic who used to breast feed him (YUK) they do it blah blah

Out of 218 pages I got to page 75 in like 2 weeks. Horrible I know. Not even half...I tried real hard to read as much as I could but I was like "umm I'd rather clean/cook/sleep/watch TV" than read this book. So I felt it was a waste of time and am now letting the world know lol

I give it 1.2 stars just cause of the creativity. If anybody wants to give this book a whirl please email me at with your address, if not I'm giving this to goodwill


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  1. LOL..I've come across a few sucky books lately too. This one sounds pretty bad though..