Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Finally I get around to talking about a mushy book!!! I have to be honest mush books are the majority of what I read. I love to read everything by Nicholas Sparks, I mean come on, the man wrote The Notebook & A Walk to Remember!!!

A quick teaser about the book - Thibault, a US Marine, finds a picture of a woman while he is stationed overseas. His luck completely changes after he finds this picture, suddenly everything starts to go his way. As soon as his tour is over he decides that he needs to find a way to meet this woman. Thibault manages to put together some clues of where this lucky lady could be and sets out to find her.

He finds his lucky lady in North Carolina - Elizabeth, a divorced mother. If you've ever read a Nicholas Sparks book then you know that at some point this does become a romance novel!! Thibault feels a strong connection with Elizabeth, but how can he explain this connection..?? Can he really tell her that he searched for her because he felt that a picture of her brought him luck?? As their relationship starts to grow stronger, his secrets threaten their relationship.

Will he finally tell Elizabeth the truth..?? Will she believe him..? And finally...where did this lucky picture come from?? Did it once belong to another man..?? *dun, dun, dun!!*

Well I can't tell you that!! Read the book!!! I can tell you that if you're a romantic at heart then this book is for you!!! A little romance just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Have you read this..?? Are you a Nicholas Sparks fan..??


  1. Thanks again for the review!


  2. ahh! i want to know more! lol i love nicholas sparks! he is soooooooooooooooooooo romantic <3 i read the notebook omg..i cried! lol way better than the movie and i LOVE the movie!