Sunday, December 6, 2009

Queen of Babble in the Big City

Queen of Babble in the Big City: By Meg Cabbot

When I read, I like to be transported to a girly and happy time. I am the chick lit master lol. I love Meg Cabot, especially from The Princess Diary series. The "Queen" series is one of her adult series and I definitely plan on reading the next book.

The book revolves around Lizzie Nichols, a recent college grad who moves from Michigan to NYC to live with her boyfriend Luke. Her and Luke met over vacation in Paris. as she's one of her best friends', best friend. They are only dating for a few months when she moves there.

Anyone who lives in or around NYC knows how hard it is to find a job. It's even harder to find Lizzie's job, to become a certified wedding gown specialist- basically she wants to take old ugly wedding dresses and turns them into beautiful wedding dresses. By a twist of fate she gets a part time job at a law firm and an internship at a wedding dress specialist. It' becomes challenging to balance both when she gets a famous client.

Also, the entire time she has marriage on the brain, and swears that only after six months, Luke is going to pop the question.

I really loved this book, and I really love Cabot's writing. You related to her character's so much and it's just fluff, fun and romance! A definite happy feeling read!

320 pages


  1. vWOW! Ive never heard of the author, but this sounds awesome! woo hoo! i am deff getting this! thanks for a great review :)

  2. I love reading fluff
    It's usually my #1 pick!! I'll be sure to pick this up soon.

  3. Heyyyyy! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) I should post a picture of the chocolate so you can have an idea of how it looks like :D

    I loveeeeeeee The Princess Diaries books by Meg Cabot XD I have them all. Brings me back to when I was 13 that I started to read them. Hehe I feel like reading them again XD I should try reading her other books but I have very limited time since I been drowning in school work >_< hopefully I'll get some free time soon!


  4. Any fluff recommendations for Christmas break??