Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elsewhere By Gabrielle Zevin

I must say right now. I LOVED this book! I give it 4.5 happy faces for me!

What is it about?
Well, its about this teenage girl names Liz, who had an accident and died.
Sounds like the end of the story right? ha! WRONG!
Well, Liz wakes up on a ship and doesn't know she died or where the hell shes going...
Shes going where ...all the dead people go.. heaven? No! hell? NO!
Well I don't wanna give it ALL out! BUT its pretty much where you go/what happens AFTER you die...
It is NOT some religious, nor spiritual kind of story either!

So yup.. its the story of Liz's umm life? after death lol! It has the people in her life/death and how she "grows up". (you'll get it once you read it hehe)

ps. the animals talk. yes i said TALK. but only some poeple know the language and of course Liz is one of them "aweeee"

Its pretty fast passed so don't skip a chapter and although she is a teenager (that means shes annoying and whiny at times) the character grows on you :)

Book info:
275 pages. Year: 2005. Cover Price:$16.


  1. Marce, muito obrigada pelo comentário no blog... Adorei, vc é uma fofa!
    Também ameiiiiiii aqueles sapatos... Confesso que estou quando vi pensei na mesma coisa que vc: preciso!!! rsrs
    Beijos e passe semprepor lá!

  2. Ohh...I like the basis of this!! Reminds me of lovely bones!!

  3. It sounds nuts! I will be sure to check it out.

    BTW, you've been tagged!